Monday, October 11, 2021

Nothing for the Journey

And he instructed them that they should take nothing for the journey except a walking stick, neither bread, nor knapsack, nor money for their money belt.  (Mark 6:8)

Jesus knew how to begin things--with simplicity, with lowliness, with the barest immediate necessities.

Is there something you want to begin? Sometimes people decide they will begin exercising and buy expensive exercise equipment or an expensive gym membership. Then often enough, they use them a few times and give up.

Anything worth doing has some simple, humble way to begin.

Do you want a relationship with God? What is the simplest way to begin? Is it not to go into your room, sit down, and start talking to God?

You don't need money to talk to God. You don't need a fancy Bible. You don't need to understand theology. You don't need guidance from a priest, minister, or spiritual director. You just need a little privacy, and a little humility.

All true beginnings have this character of simplicity, humility, and directness. Trust that if you make a beginning, God will provide what is lacking.

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